Index of values

accept [Lpd.Make]
accept ?thread socket f listen on socket and, for each authorized connection (see C.authorized_host), runs f addr inchan outchan where addr is the address of the connecting machine and inchan, outchan are buffered communication channels connected to the client.
any_host [Lpd]
any_host addr accepts any Internet host which can be found in the DNS.
authorized_host [Lpd.CONFIG]
authorized_host addr determines whether a connection from addr is accepted.

close_in [Socket]
close_in ic closes the socket ic.
close_out [Socket]
close_out oc closes the socket oc, flushing all buffered write operations.

daemon [Lpd.Make]
deamon addr inchan outchan will read LPD queries on inchan and send replies on outchan.
descr_of_in_channel [Socket]
Return the descriptor corresponding to an input channel.
descr_of_out_channel [Socket]
Return the descriptor corresponding to an output channel.

flush [Socket]
Flush the output buffer associated with the given buffered socket.
fprintf [Socket]
fprintf oc format arguments is like Printf.fprintf except that oc is a buffered socket.

header_of_job [Lpd]
header_of_job queue returns a string suitable as a header for Lpd.string_of_job.

in_channel_of_descr [Socket]
Create an input channel reading from the given descriptor.
input [Socket]
input ic buf pos len reads up to len characters from the given socket ic, storing them in string buf, starting at character number pos.
input_all_till [Socket]
input_all_till c ic returns the next chunk from the socket ic from the current position to the character c (excluded) or the end of the file.
input_char [Socket]
Read one character from the given input channel.
input_line [Socket]
input_line ic returns the next line from the socket ic without the final '\n'.
input_till [Socket]
input_till c ic buf pos len reads up to len characters different from c from the socket ic, storing them in string buf, starting at character number pos.

log [Lpd.CONFIG]
How to log connections and protocol.
long_string_of_job [Lpd]
long_string_of_job rank job does the same as Lpd.string_of_job except that the description is in long format (multi-lines).

open_connection [Socket]
Connect to a server at the given address.
out_channel_of_descr [Socket]
Create an output channel writing on the given descriptor.
output [Socket]
output oc buf pos len writes len characters from string buf, starting at offset pos, to the given buffered socket oc.
output_char [Socket]
Write the character on the given buffered socket.
output_string [Socket]
Write the string on the given buffered socket.

queues [Lpd.CONFIG]
Give the names of the allowed queues and the actions to be taken for each of them.

really_input [Socket]
really_input ic buf pos len reads len characters from the buffered socket ic, storing them in string buf, starting at character number pos.

select [Socket]
select inl outl t waits at most t seconds until some input/output operations become possible on some channels among inl and outl.
shutdown_connection [Socket]
``Shut down'' a connection established with Socket.open_connection; that is, transmit an end-of-file condition to the server reading on the other side of the connection.
socket [Lpd.Make]
socket ?port () creates a socket for the LPD daemon.
string_of_current_time [Lpd]
string_of_current_time() returns the current date and time.
string_of_job [Lpd]
string_of_job rank job returns a one line string describing the job.

temp_dir [Lpd.CONFIG]
Temprary directory to store the jobs sent.
these_hosts [Lpd]
these_hosts ?file hosts adrr accepts connections from Internet hosts or IP addresses listed in the file or in the list hosts.