Class Socket.out_channel_obj

class out_channel_obj : out_channel -> object .. end

method output : string -> int -> int -> int
#output buf pos len writes up to len characters from string buf, starting at offset pos, to the given object output stream and returns the number of characters actually written. A return value 0 (when len > 0) means that the write would block (and we are in non-blocking mode).
Raises Invalid_argument "Socket.output" if pos and len do not designate a valid substring of buf.
method output_char : char -> unit
See Socket.output_char.
method output_string : string -> unit
See Socket.output_string.
method fprintf : 'a. ('a, unit, string, unit) Pervasives.format4 -> 'a
See Socket.fprintf.
method flush : unit -> unit
Flush the buffer associated with the output channel, performing all pending writes on that channel. Interactive programs must be careful about flushing standard output and standard error at the right time.
method close_out : unit -> unit
Flush all buffered write operations and close the given channel (and underlying socket). See Socket.close_out.