Class Socket.in_channel_obj

class in_channel_obj : in_channel -> object .. end

method input : string -> int -> int -> int
#input buf pos len reads up to len characters from the object, storing them in string buf, starting at character number pos. It returns the actual number of characters read, between 0 and len (inclusive). A return value 0 (when len > 0) means that the write would block (and we are in non-blocking mode).
method input_char : unit -> char
See Socket.input_char.
method input_line : unit -> string
See Socket.input_line.
method really_input : string -> int -> int -> unit
See Socket.really_input.
method input_till : char -> string -> int -> int -> int
See Socket.input_till.
method input_all_till : char -> string
See Socket.input_all_till.
method close_in : unit -> unit
Close the given channel (and underlying socket). See Socket.close_in.