Module type Lpd.CONFIG

module type CONFIG = sig .. end

val queues : (string * Lpd.queue_actions) list
Give the names of the allowed queues and the actions to be taken for each of them. Do not forget that it is your responsability to remove the jobs files on the disk (we have no way to know for how long you need them). None of the queue names can contain a space (i.e. ' ', '\t', '\012' or '\013').
val authorized_host : Unix.sockaddr -> bool
authorized_host addr determines whether a connection from addr is accepted.
val log : string -> unit
How to log connections and protocol. It is the responsability of this function to add a final "\n" and to flush the necessary channel. print_endline is an easy choice. It is customary to add a timestamp to the messages being logged. Lpd.string_of_current_time can help you with that.
val temp_dir : string
Temprary directory to store the jobs sent. If equal to "", the value of the environment variable TMPDIR (or TEMP on win32) will be used.